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Yahtzee is a fun slot machine from WMS for a nice evening of fun. This bright colorful Slot machine has everything to bring the player a lot of fun and entertainment because of the fun bonus games you can win. The base of the Yahtzee is 5 columns 25 paylines which you cannot change if you want to.

However, you can adjust the number of coins and the height of the coin. In addition, we have an autoplay button for playing the game automatically and the winnings count from left to right. Of course, everyone knows the board game Yahtzee, where you have to throw certain combinations with dice. Well many of the symbols have to do with this ancient dice game. We see for example: Pizza, Popcorn, Lemonade, three different pairs, Dice (bonus). Rolling dice (roll), game, Yahtzee games box blue, Yellow Yahtzee Games by and Green Yahtzee games box.

Wild doubler

The wild symbol is a substitute for all standard images, so not scatters and bonus symbols. In addition, you sometimes have a chance to win a wild multiplier where two dice are thrown. The outcome of these two dice is ultimately the amount you win. You receive the wild multiplier randomly when you have and wild symbol and two or more dice scatters.

4 to a Yahtzee

In addition to the above, you also have a chance to win the 4 to a Yahtzee Bonus round which starts with 5 times the scatter with a roll on it. You have to throw Yahtzee for a chance to win the jackpots. The first four matching dice are given as a gift! Roll an even die and you win.

Yahtzee Party BonusIn addition to the above, there will also be a Yahtzee bonus game which you get when you get the scatter with bonus on the last column.So this one does not appear on the other columns.You will see a number of doublers at the very top of the game where you can win the jackpot if you manage to get 5 of them.

In this bonus game, you sit down at a table with other players and roll the dice. Now the idea is to roll equal dice, or three of the same or Yahtzee whereby you win that jackpot. You may roll three times whereby you have a good chance of winning. To win the jackpot you must play max bet.

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