Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

You gamble responsibly when you gamble for fun and will not get you in financial trouble. It fits into your healthy lifestyle and does not cause any problems. If it does and you get problems because of this, for example financial problems, then the problem starts with gambling. You try to make up for previous losses by playing and you get deeper and deeper into debt then you have a gambling problem.

There are different types of gambling. You have scratch cards, lottery, bingo, poker, blackjack etc. You also have the casino or online casino. It is always difficult to know the turning point when ordinary gambling becomes problem gambling. The first step is recognition and admission.

Try often  ask yourself whether you are still gambling responsibly to prevent addiction or problem gambling.

Gamblers sometimes tend to come back when they lose. Make sure you have paid your fixed costs, that you have living money and if there is money left over you can use it for gambling. Set yourself a maximum amount that you can play with and if you lose this you will not get into trouble.

A gambling addiction can cause you major problems. If you gamble occasionally, here are a few tips that you can continue to gamble responsibly.

  1. You don’t play for hours in a casino or online casino while your family complains about it.
  2. You stay within your playing budget and you can pay all your bills and have enough living money left.
  3. You set yourself a time limit and stick to it.
  4. You never allow yourself to be persuaded by gain, loss or time to exceed your limits.
  5. Don’t just think about gambling, or when you can start gambling again. If this is controlling your life then you may have a gambling problem.
  6. Never go outside your budget. You still need money to pay your bills, live, buy clothes, etc.
  7. Watch out for problem gambling buddies probably it reinforces each other
  8. Restrict gambling to just a “once-in-a-while” activity. Not every day!
  9. Never gamble to make money or to make up for previous losses. You will probably lose even more. You see gambling as entertainment, not to make money.
  10. When you realize that you cannot control your compulsive gambling habits, seek professional help. Here are a few good organizations where you can get help:
    BeGambleAwareGamcareGamblers Anonymous


Anyone who gambles enjoys winning. The feeling that you can possibly make money. The casino world responds well to this. Be aware that gambling addiction is lurking. A win gives you euphoria but you may want to make up for a loss. You end up in a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out. Be aware, play aware, and keep your behavior under control. Let it be enjoyable for everyone!

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