Pawn Stars Video Slot – 4 Heros from Pawn Stars now Online at the Casinos

Pawn Stars Video Slot

Play Pawn Stars Video Slot at mr Vegas Casino and Video Slots Casino.

It is the most famous TV Program of the world. The foursome of Pawn Stars. With these 4 gentlemen it’s all about one thing.

If the price is right, they’ll buy it! No matter how high as there is to be earned. Those are the words Rick Harrison always says!

“If the price is right, we buy it”. This foursome couple buys stuff, especially if it has a nice history.

From a pistol to an oldtimer and from a medal to a stamp, as long as it has value and money can be made from it.

At Pawn Stars, items are sold or you can take out a loan at a percentage.

If the loan is not repaid in a period of usually a few months, they keep the items and eventually put them up for sale. A short presentation by the gentlemen themselves.

Richard Harrison, also nicknamed the “Oldman”, is the big boss behind this store. Is usually a whiner but also has a good mood sometimes.

His most important things in his life are drinking coffee and making sure he earns enough money.
His son Rick Harrison has been in the business for many years and will take over the business in the future and for him, every object has a value and a price.
Corey, also called the “Big Hoss”, is the son of Rick. He will have to continue running the store in the future.

He is currently learning the trade and is doing it well! He also has his collecting madness because he is crazy about motorcycles.
Dan Russell, also known as our crazy friend Chumlee, is a school friend of Corey’s. He always tries to cut corners.

Often tries to nag for a day off or thinks about eating again. Still, Chumlee is a reliable employee for the Harrison Friends and always does his best!

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Pawn Stars Video Slot


Bally Presents the Pawn Stars Video Slot
It must have been a great honor for the men of Pawn Stars when Bally asked to cooperate in making a Video Slot!

Of course, you don’t say no and the collaboration is underway. Good move by the gentlemen because they have become extremely popular because of the Video Slot, among other things, and that is also how they think in the Casinos.

The Pawn Stars Video Slot itself was playable since October 2012.

Base Game / Pawn Stars Video Slot

PawnStars Slot is packed with prizes of up to 4000x your stake, super wilds and free spin rounds.

The smallest bet is 30 cents and you have 30 paylines.

Prizes pay from left to right and you have to do that with the following symbols: History, Old Man, Rick, Corey, Chumlee, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten.

You can also win prizes if you get different employees on a winning line, such as 2 times Rick and three Chumlee’s, then you also win a prize.

There is also a Pawn symbol that counts for a wild symbol and can appear stacked on reels 2, 3 and four.

Win Free Spins – Pawn Stars Video Slot

3 symbols with the scatter symbol Free Games you win the Free Spins and these symbols can only be seen on reels 1,3 and reel 5.

You get 10 free games and the wild symbols appear more often and all wins pay times 2 times your prize.

Win Bonus Round at Pawn Stars Video Slot

Pawn Bonus round can also be won if you land 3 of these symbols on reels 2,3 and reel 4.

As soon as the bonus screen starts, one of the men Old Man, Rick, Corey, Chumlee will ask you what you want to sell.

You can then choose one symbol that you will see on your screen. Once you’ve chosen a symbol, you’ll get a bid.

You can accept the bid or choose a new symbol in the hopes of getting more.

But there is no guarantee that you will be able to choose a new symbol. It could also be that the game says end game but you still get your bid or a high price.

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