Ozwin Awards – where pokies become stars!

Ozwin Awards – where pokies become stars at ozwin casino

Ah, Oscars season – that time of year when everyone’s asking, ‘Seen any good films lately?’ It’s all about the glitz, the glamour, and those breathtaking moments of cinematic glory. But how about something different this year?

Introducing Ozwin’s Awards 2024, our unique celebration where the spotlight shines on our pokies. You know, our pokies are rather like blockbuster films themselves, filled with emotion, adventure, and heroes. And now, you get to be part of the jury. It’s your turn to spotlight the pokies that captivate you the most.

How does voting work?

• 8 Days, 8 Categories, 5 Nominees: Discover and vote for your favourite pokie in one new category daily.

• Your vote, your power: You get one vote per category. Feel like spreading the love? Vote in all categories!

• Say Hello to bonuses: Every vote you cast nets you a sweet thank-you bonus.

• Catch? What catch?: Just a tiny one – your vote’s only in the running if you redeem that bonus.

• Surprise, surprise: If your fave wins, there’s something special coming your way. Let’s just say, it pays to choose wisely.

Ready to play a part in crowning the best pokie? Join Ozwin’s Awards 2024 now and kick things off with a $25 Free Bonus, plus more rewards for participating. Let’s make this a season to remember!


Code: OZWINAWARDS25 / No deposit / Max. cashout $180 / WGR: 60x / March 7 – March 14/ All Players

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