Cool Jewels Arcade Slot from the WMS Game Software

Cool Jewels Arcade Slot

Play Cool Jewels Arcade Slot at Video Slots Casino

In addition to standard slots, WMS has also made some more unusual games such as the Cool Jewels, which almost resembles the popular game Bejeweld.

Of course, it is a slot machine, but not just any slot, because the idea is that you know how to get all consecutive combinations.

o you don’t have to deal with paylines and the like, but winnings can also fall in the middle.

The basis of the game is 6 columns that rotate when you press the big round button.

Of course, there are all kinds of symbols in the shape of stones in this game. For example, you have Purple, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green and Red stones.

Plus you have Logo Cool Jewels, Wild, Bomb and 10x.

The last symbol is special because if you manage to get stones in a certain pattern, your winnings will be multiplied by 10 times.

Furthermore, in addition to the above symbols, there are four different wild symbols, all of which have a special characteristic.

These can also work together to activate the Persisting wild, which will detonate all the pebbles for huge profits.

Schocking Wild: When you get this symbol while playing, all the squares around it will be detonated.

Unstable Wild: In this wild symbol, all symbols that are on the left, right bonus and bottom in the shape of a cross are detonated and thus ensure a win.

Scattering Wild: Finally, we have this one, which is spectacular! This symbol destroys all symbols that are on the entire line across the entire playing field.

While playing this game, the goal is to get as many of the same bricks as possible next to each other that are going to explode.

The more stones you have, the higher the profit. When you manage to do that, the stones will be replaced by new stones.

This continues until there are no more winning combinations with tiles. If you are lucky enough to always have a winning combination, the pay per symbol meter will go up.

As a result, the payout gets higher and higher.

Free Games

On the far right you will see the free games meter. Try to get certain combinations in the exact order, so you can get 8, 10, 20 or 25 free games.

It can get really rough at times, so you can’t always follow it very well, because then so much happens in the game.

It’s a super cool game, but you have to know how to play it and what it’s all about.

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