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It’s the king of slot machines. Club 2000 has been playing in Cafes and gambling halls for over 30 years and it is also nice to see that it does not die out because that is simply not possible if a fruit machine like this continues to be played.

There was even a new version made a few years ago and you can also see how willing he is on the market to just have one at home.

Well, if you can’t get them at home or they are rare, now comes the beauty of the Internet.

What great news that is for the players who love this machine!

Base Game

It’s a familiar game to most, but I’d like to give some explanation for the new one.

In the gaming halls and so on you can play the machine at 10 cents, but at VideoSlots Casino this has a different effect.

You can play from as little as 1 Cent per spin up to a max. from € 50! Imagine you play at 5 Euro per spin then you can win just € 1000 with 200 points on the meter.

You have 1 payline for each spin. Prizes only pay on the middle payline from left to right.

Only the Club 2000 Mystery symbols can be criss-crossed for a random prize between 2 and 200 points. Furthermore, the smallest prize, a single cherry,

pays you 2 points and the highest prize is 3 BFM bars, good for 200 points!

At 2 points you are obliged to double the prize with the heads and tails game and from four points you can collect the prize or place it to the top game.

Furthermore, you can lock the reels via Hold.

Club Meter Game

If you have a prize in the lower game, you can move to the upper game. Each spin will only cost you 4 points and you have several winning options.

There are a number of prizes that you can win criss-cross and there are also a number of prizes that you have to get on the middle payline.

Here’s a quick rundown of how or what.


2 Club 2000 Mystery Symbols = win a minimum of 8 points up to a maximum of 100.

3 Club 2000 Mystery Symbols = You win a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 200 Points

3 Plums 40 points

3 Shamrocks 40 points

3 Grapes 40 points

3 Strawberries 40 points

3 melons 100 points

3 Stars 100 points

3 Dial 100 Points

3 BFM bars 100 points

Winnings you can win on the middle payline

Single Cherry 8

2 cherries 16

3 cherries 100

2 Lemons 16

3 Lemons 100

2 Oranges 16

3 Oranges 100

Be smart in the upper game!

Always be sensible in the upper game, I’ll just say it. The club meter will not exceed 200 points.

If you have 192 points and you win 100 more, you only get 8 and the rest will expire and that’s a shame! So if you have about 140 points in the top game,

it is always wise to collect the winnings and play again in the base game.