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I find it very interesting to tell the reader something about the casino software types that can be found online. But, of course, there are so many species, and that’s why
First of all, we will start with the most fun thing that started it all for many players.

Have you ever been to the Casino or perhaps another country based state casino?
Then you may have seen that there are Slots from a number of brands such as Aristocrat, Bally but also Williams Interactive (WMS) which is one of the most famous.

You might say no, but is it yes when I ask you if you’ve ever played the Zeus, Zeus III, King Of Africa or the Kronos Slot? Aha! Now maybe a bell is ringing, because
Of course, many players at state-owned casinos have played on these incredibly well-known titles. And there are a few more like Bierhaus and the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers…

History of WMS Industries Inc on “TILT”

WMS, also known as WMS Industries Inc., was founded in 1943 by engineer Harry Williams who was a student at Stanford University. It wasn’t so much the Slots and games of chance at first,
but the old familiar pinball machines they had started with. For example, Harry Williams invented the Tilt mechanism, with which the pinball machine could be brought to TILT.

Just give it a punch or slap, and the pinball machine jumps on tilt. The Pinball machines were never the same after this feature, and so he started to further develop WMS that grew
into a veritable empire of millions. However, this was not under the name of Harry Williams, as WMS was acquired by Seeburg Corp in 1964, which reorganized it into Williams Electronics.

Reel ’em In – First Real Slot from WMS

The slot machines only came on in 1994 and after many adjustments and developments, the first launched slot machine where you could gamble with real money came out, namely the
Reel ’em In which included a real bonus round. Of course, that was huge news at the time!

This was followed by some other slot machine names such as the Jackpot Party, Boom and
Filthy Rich where a leak was found by players that allowed them to win money without having paid for it. The technology needs to be updated once again
become. But that wasn’t going to happen after the lawsuit filed by IGT. IGT is of course also a very well-known name in the world of online Gambling.

IGT Lawsuit and $783 Million Revenue
IGT filed a lawsuit over certain stealing work, which was role-related and which they also won. In 2001, WMS started a new series of slot machines, with a different reel spinning
system, which allowed the ball to really start rolling. One slot machine after another was designed and delivered to the state casinos. Some Slots were located within
a certain network with other casinos and slot machines with which a huge jackpot could be won.

Plus WMS Gaming introduced a new video platform, CPU-NXT, in 2003.
The company’s revenue became gigantic, because until 2011, for example, the company earned $783 million.

WMS Slots Online in July 2012

This was going to grow many times bigger, because gambling on the internet was put on the map and started to make its appearance, and it took a while but then WMS also came out with online versions of their
Slot machines. This was of course received with open arms by many in July 2012, after which their games could also be enjoyed online.

Of course, this was a real hit, because so
the state-owned casino visitor could also enjoy the WMS game offer at home. Of course, it also became more difficult for many state-owned casinos in the world, because the games could now also be played online.

In October 2013, WMS was merged with the company Scientific Games, which of course also brought other things with it. This company also owned MDI Entertainment, LLC,
Sciplay, The Global Draw, Games Media (sold to Gamestec of the Novomatic group) and Barcrest.

Did you know that they had paid 1.5 Trillion for WMS with the shareholders paying $26 dollars per
share, after which it stopped listing on the New York Stock Exchange. A large part of 70% of all sales came from America, with designs being made in Chicago, Illinois. Nowadays,
They are also based in other parts of the world including Argentina, Austria, Canada, India, China, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom where there is also an Online Gaming center in Belgium.

Today, WMS is still one of the very best software providers out there, delivering new titles to online casinos and state-owned casinos every year.

It’s not just casino games, but also new platforms such as Community Gaming, Adaptive Gaming®®, Transmissive Reels®gaming and Sensory Immersion gaming.
For example, on the website of Williams Interactive, you can follow the latest developments if you are interested and find the full portfolio.
It’s just nice to visit this so you can learn even more about Williams Interactive’s company.

Online Casinos with WMS Slot Machines

At online casinos such as Unibet or Circus Casino you can now find a whole range of Slots that fall under the WMS software brand. And of course there are also people,
who may not know this at all.

Then I would just say, look them up and decide and experience it for yourself. The above Online Casinos offer in addition to a real money mode
Have fun modes so you don’t have to play with risk.

WMS is one of a kind – you either hate it or you love it.

WMS Slots
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