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In the world of online gambling, slot tournaments are regularly held. But what is that actually and is it something for you? To retain players and also

 Keeping people involved and interested is of course important for a casino. Because with the many online casino offerings, that particular casino has to excel. That is why the online gambling industry has chosen to organize different types of things. Think of a nice bonus, a VIP club but also a tournament.

One of the characteristics that emerges from gambling enthusiasts is the sense of competition. And that is exactly what the online gaming industry is responding to! So what exactly is an online tournament? It is a competition between several players, which is played for a limited period and where one or more winners are declared at the end of the tournament.

The prize money for the tournament will then be divided at the end based on the ranking. The rules are not always the same, so check carefully with your casino! The rules state how you can participate, the minimum or maximum bet as well as the duration of the tournament and time limit. In addition, there are special rules regarding who will be declared the winner and who will take home the prize money at the end of the tournament. It is therefore strongly recommended that you read the rules carefully!

How do online slot tournaments work?

As a player you can participate in an online slot tournament by registering yourself. The casino indicates which slot game can be played during the duration of the tournament for a chance to win a prize. The time you can participate can vary enormously. From hours, to days, to a month.

The winner receives the prize money on his casino account and free spins can also be given away. In other cases, casinos also offer prizes consisting only of spins and in some cases even physical products. But that really differs per casino. Participating in online slot tournaments is in some cases free, which means that no stake is required to participate, but most tournaments require an entrance fee or registration fee. In that case, the entry fee usually contributes to the prize you can win in the tournament.

Some tournaments are specifically designed for both high and low players. Other tournaments are designed for the high-rollers. Freeroll tournaments (or free slot tournaments) do not require an entry fee, which means you can enter the competition for free. This gives you the opportunity to easily compete for a big prize, without having to make an investment.


These types of tournaments are usually part of promotional offers from an online casino, such as a welcome package for registration or the promotion of a certain slot machine. Freeroll tournaments are generally shorter than their paid counterpart; the buy-in tournaments. It is often the case that casinos ask for an entry fee for a tournament.


However, this fee does not give you any benefits in the actual tournament, it is only your ticket. The amount you pay can contribute to the prize you can win and in that respect it is beneficial if more players participate, because the more entry fee, the greater the amount you can win at the end of the tournament.

Free Tournaments – The rules for freeroll tournaments are simple and the entry barrier is deliberately very low to attract as many players as possible. The prizes can vary from a small to medium cash amount to a special casino bonus, such as free spins.

Regular Tournaments – In these types of slot tournaments, players pay an entry fee and are open to everyone provided certain conditions are met. When you register for this tournament, the casino will indicate which conditions and rules you must adhere to during the tournament. A regular slot tournament can last hours, days or even several weeks.

Exclusive Tournaments – A ticket or exclusive tournament is an event that you can only participate in if you have been specially invited by the casino. Players can win the biggest prizes here, from large sums of money to other types of prizes. Because high entry fees are required for these types of tournaments, several high-ranking participants in the rankings win prizes.

But how do you win a tournament? You can Win with the highest win per spin. The winner is the one who achieves the highest win with one spin. It does not matter how much you have bet, although there is often a minimum bet to participate. Win with the most points Although this way of winning is mainly found in live casino games, such as Roulette, Blackjack or Monopoly Live, they can also be found in slot tournaments. You can earn the points, for example, by collecting certain unique bonus symbols or signs, but you may also have to know how to create specific winning combos with the slot machine.

So again, check the rules of each tournament carefully so that you are not faced with any surprises!

Slot Tournaments
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