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Anyone who has ever been to some State Casino or gambling hall has probably seen them. I’m talking about the fun Slots from the Software brand Novomatic. And you can imagine that a lot of people were happy when these Slots could also be played at home. Novomatic, which is also called Novo or Novoline in certain countries, is the world’s.

Number 1 software brand from a height that is second to none. There is a whole history behind this primeval Austrian company of which Astra Games, Euro Coin and Errel JVH Gaming for example a subsidiary of IS. But also, for example, Bell-Fruit Games, Gamestec Leisure, Mazooma of the Danoptra Gaming Group.

Butcher Johann F and Novomatic History

If we start at the very bottom with the roots, then that is the year 1974 in which butcher Johann F. Graf founded the company Brodnik & Graf GmbH together with electronics retailer Gerhard Brodnik which was concerned with the import of the pinball machines (bally) that were placed in bars, for example. After a number of great years, Johann F. Graf left this and in 1980 started Novomatic machines Handels

GmbH for itself. With this company, the production and distribution of ADMIRAL slot machines begins.

This would have been a very good choice, because in the year 1981 they were seen for the first time in the rest of Europe and in 1982 in the rest of the world. After aiming at slot machines they went and brought the MPU 01 or also the Micro Processor Unit 01 hardware platform to the market, which became the new basis of many a Slot machine.

Not much later, the turnkey Developed and marketed casinos and casino management systems.

In all these years, many subsidiaries were added. Some perhaps well-known names to many will be: Admiral Casinos & Entertainment AG, Astra Games Ltd,

Bell-Fruit Games, Crown Technologies, Errel JVH Gaming, Empire Games, Admiral Sportwetten GmbH, Gamestec, Greentube, Hirscher Moneysystems GmbH en I-New Unified Mobile Solutions.  Also the hotels Sacher Baden and Hotel Admiral Kurpark.

Today, the Novomatic Group is active in 80 countries and had a turnover of 3.2 billion euros in 2012. In which Admiral Sportwetten GmbH is still the strongest branch, within the company. Today, his son Son Tom Graf and Johann F. Graf himself are still gutter shareholders who once started the company with only 50,000 shillings.

Growing involves trial and error

It wasn’t all overnight, as there was also some controversy lurking. About 140 players of the Novomatic Slots started to file a complaint against Novomatic and Johan F because it was According to them, it was not quite fluffy and that the limits were secretly increased at the slot machines with low stakes (50 cents bet, maximum winnings 20 euros.

Together with Landeskriminalamts (Crimi Investigation Bureau) In Lower Austria, there was more and more confirmation of fraud, after which a spokesman for the company later admitted that machines are connected to each other in a computer network and can set or adjust certain quotas at any time and was therefore open to manipulation. And that access is made through the head office to this, which is strictly forbidden in Austria.

The company also acknowledged in another complaint that live greyhound racing reports were sometimes done with older recordings. Now everything is so good and they have the confidence to be able to regain. At the end of the day, a company only grows through trial and error, and the Novomatic group is proof of that to this day.

Features Novomatic Slots

Now that Novomatic has also started to produce the Slots on the Internet for a few years now, the success is only greater, and more and more online casinos are adding the software support of Novomatic to their range of games. It is therefore of course great that the player can now also enjoy the slots from the comfort of his home.

The Online Novomatic Slots all have one thing in common, and that is Less is More. So there won’t be any terribly busy situations to be found, such as noises. The Slots all feature the same game frame. And almost all of them have the standard sounds that you hear when making a bet. Also, a free spins round that can be won, usually have a unique feature where the symbols

be turned over one by one.

The minimum bets can be perceived as quite high for some players, but the prizes that can be won are also high. By adjusting the lines, the Lowering minimum bets. Also, all Novo slots have one thing in common, and that is that they don’t lack user-friendliness. Each Slot is equipped with the stand knobs and buttons, so that the player can easily find his way around.

Also unique to some Novomatic Slots, is that some have the SG or MG that you can save. This is a feature that you see for example with the Golden Sevens slot, where you can add an extra bonus game. Some other Slots that you may know from the state casinos are: Lucky Lady’s Charm and for example the Columbus. They are not lagging behind in terms of technology either on the rest, because the gambling games of this company can now also be played via a mobile phone or iPad.

Also visit the website for the latest news and developments.

Book of Ra Slot Machine novomatic best slot

Book of Ra Slot Machine is one of the most famous Video Slots that exists. You can find this beautiful slot machine in many gambling halls and online casinos. The slot machine is already a real old slot machine from Novomatic but remains super popular that new machines are added all the time. We already knew that Novomatic could make beautiful Video Slots. I hope they give us It’s possible to play the Book Or Ra Arcade Online right now. This can be done via your Computer, Phone, and via your IPad.

Book Of Ra slot comes in two versions. You have the Book Of Ra Classic Slot which has 9 paylines and the Book Of Ra Deluxe. About the Deluxe version, we will share your necessary playing experiences. The Book Of Ra has 10 win lines and has 5 reels. Prices pay from the left side to the right side. The minimum bet is 20 Cents and the highest bet is 50 Euro.

Via the plus and minus buttons you can choose from which bet you want. You are also not required to play on 10 paylines. You can also choose how many paylines you want to play from via the Plus and minus buttons. Winnings can be collected and doubled for more profits. There is also an autoplay button where you can play automatically without having to click the Start button all the time.

While playing the Book Of Ra Slot, we will come across the following symbols: Ten, Jack, Queen, Ace, Beetle, Mummy, Cleopatra, Cowboy, and a Book. The Cowboy symbol is the most expensive symbol of all. With 5 of these on a payline, the Book Of Ra Slot will pay you 1000x your stake!

Win 10 Free Spins on the Book Of Ra slot machine

It is also possible on the Book Of Ra Slot to win Free Spins. With 3 books or more, you win 10 free games. If you land 3 scatters or more during the Free Spins, you win an extra 10 free spins. During the Free Spins you get an extra scatter symbol.

It can be a bait or a jack or any other symbol. But the best symbol is the cowboy, because if you get it, the prizes are very high. As soon as you see these symbols in the free spins with at least 2 or 3 symbols, the slot will pay you a prize. If you play on 5 lines, the slot will pay you the prize 5 times. If you play on 10, you win 10 x the prize.

It may be that you play 1 euro on bet and you have the screen full. The prize you win is 20 euros, then this time 10 times and you win 200 euros.

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