Bally Slots

Bally is a recognized name in the world of Entertainment. It all started in the year 1932 where the company was founded under the name Bally Manufacturing.

Founder of this company was Raymond Moloney. Most of you should know this brand name from the Pinball machines. The first Pinball machine that came on the market was Ballyhoo, 20 to 30 years later the real Pinball machines came out such as The Addams Family, Kiss, Playboy, Attack From Mars, NBA Fast Break, Who Dunnit, and there are 50 more to mention.

The very last Pinball machine that was made was the Blackwater 100. Unfortunately for many, the pinball machine is no longer in demand at the end of the 90s/2000s and Bally pulls the plug to develop new pinball machines.

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Fortunately, WMS took over the branch of pinball machines from Bally and continued with new pinball machines under the name WMS Industries.

But that too has come to an end. WMS has developed software for the WII, PS3, Xbox and PC to give as many classic pinballs as possible a new life and so that these classics are not forgotten!

I have to say that the future of pinball machines is hanging by a thread. What I know is what Stern is still busy making Pinball Machines.


It is also important that there is still pinball, otherwise Stern will have to stop at some point, and that would be without any of the Pinball Players among us.

The fact that pinball machines are dying out a bit is simply because of the people who are mainly interested in Photoplay and Slots.

For that reason, Bally and WMS pulled the plug on pinball machines and made a pivot to making Video Slots in order to survive and they did so successfully.


Bally, like WMS, has been sold to Scientific Games. Both companies make Video Slots for Rural Gambling Halls, Casinos, but also for Online Casinos Video Slots are now being made.

The best part is that the machines that are made for the country casinos like in Vegas are also eventually produced for Online. Everything is the same and now that’s the beauty of this because often popular slots eventually give way to new ones and Online you can keep playing them forever.

At the moment I understand that there are only two online casinos that allow you to play Bally slots at mr Vegas Casino and Video Slots Casino.

It won’t be that long and more Casinos will be adding these Slots because Bally has only just entered the market online but at least there is a place where we can play.

There are already quite a few Bally slots to play at the moment such as Lady Robin Hood, Wild Huskies, Pawn Stars known from TV and there are 25 more at the moment.

I also expect that there will be a number of classic slots online at some point, such as the Betty Boop. Below you can see a small selection of the selection of Bally Slots… there are more!

Bally Slots
13, Monday May 2024

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04, Saturday May 2024

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