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From the founders of SpinPlay Games, and inspired by the glitz, the glam, and the games of Las Vegas, Area Vegas is an up and coming studio that is dedicated to giving players a premium gaming experience.

With the belief in game play first and their commitment to supreme quality, they are always ready and eager to create winners; both in games and players.

The following games are out now at Casinos and more to come: Area Cash Heist, Bullet Train Bandits Rush Express, Area Link Dragon, Area Cash Heist, Diamond Rush Express, Area Link Luck, 5 on the Farm, Thor, Piggy Bank, Double Bass, Gold Rush and Phoenix.

Some more about them

Game maker and developer Area Vegas was founded in 2022 by Anton Kuhlmann and Serena Peterson, among others. The goal of the two was to bring “Las Vegas” to the world with their team.

In the world of online gambling, there are many providers who have only created a few video slots games. These small companies are sometimes part of larger companies that have been active in the casino world for some time and sometimes they are small startups that are trying to become big in the gambling industry. Area Vegas, a company that is literally located in Las Vegas and for whom the hectic life in that big gambling city serves as a source of inspiration.  You can see that in their video slots.

As mentioned earlier, the founders of the Area Vegas company were inspired by the crazy life in the Las Vegas area. The company’s games all have a bit of the glitz and glamor that we know from the great American gambling city. And what the player wants to see!  According to Area Vegas, they do everything they can to make the games of high quality so that every player feels like a professional gambler. And in my opinion they do!

Two of the best games in Area Vegas are “Area Link Phoenix” (which is standard in my round when I play) and “Gold Rush Express”. The games are slightly different from the average European games, they are more American and grander. This small game maker has managed to create casino games with a fairly unique mechanism. Some startups build on existing systems, but that does not apply to this company.

In two years, Area Vegas has managed to launch no fewer than 9 online slots. These are often successors.  For example, nine months after the release of the title “Gold Rush Express”, the company released the title “Diamond Rush Express”.

Many of Area Vegas’ titles are based on the “Area” feature. There are “Area Link Phoenix”, “Area Blast Double Bass”, “Area Cash Thor” and “Area Cash Heist”

Below is a brief description of their 3 best games…In my opinion.

Area Link Phoenix

 The game “Area Link Phoenix” has a good list of specifications, including an RTP of 96.46 percent, a maximum win of 5,000 times the stake and a win frequency of approximately one win every three to four rounds. Already in this first game, the “Area Link” feature was introduced, a feature with which jackpots can be won with a value of 10x, 20x, 500x or as much as 5,000x the bet.

Gold Rush Express

 With this American theme of a gold rush, we travel by train to the gold mines in the Wild West of the United States and we look for gold. With good features such as an RTP of 96.45 percent, a win frequency of 3 wins per 10 rounds and a maximum win of 5,000 times the bet, we can be quite happy. AND with this game there is also the possibility to win one of the four jackpots.

Area Cash Thor

This is a video slots game with a 5×3 matrix. In terms of features, this game is almost identical to the above, with the only difference being that you win significantly more often per round. The volatility is therefore a bit lower than the two highly volatile games above and is set to ‘average’. Naturally, the theme of this game is one about Norse mythology, as the name of the game suggests

All I can say is…keep an eye on Area Vegas…they can and are capable of great things!

Gold Rush Express Video Slot
Area Vegas Slots
20, Saturday April 2024

Gold Rush Express Video Slot Powered by Area Vegas Games

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