$7777 Battle of the Baddest Tournament – Ozwin


$7777 Battle of the Baddest Tournament at ozwin casino

The good, the bad, and the exótico at Ozwin!

Ever dreamed of being in a Lucha Libre ring, with the crowd cheering you on?

Well, this May, we’re bringing the thrill right to your fingertips with the Battle of the Baddest Free tournament.

it’s all about the high-flying action, colorful masks, and Cinco de Mayo vibe. And get this – there’s a whopping $7777 up for grabs.

So, what’s it gonna be? Stepping in as the Técnicos – the good guys, or maybe Rudos – the villains is more your style?

Whatever you choose, this Lucha Libre-inspired bash is pure edge-of-your-seat sport drama. Don’t miss out – it’s gonna be epic!

Battle of the Baddest Tournament
Entry Fee: $0 (Freeroll!)
Prize Pool: $7777
Game: Lucha Libre 2
Free Credits: 10000
Add-On: $10 for 7 min!
Max. players: 10000
The tournament is running until the 31st of May

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